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Vehicle Security Locks In Coventry
Van Security Locks In Coventry

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We Fit All types Of Security Locks

Keeping your vehicle safe is so important. We fit all types of security locks, providing advice and insight to select and install the perfect product to meet your requirements. These are ideal for any commercial vehicle, including camper vans, caravans, truck cabs, truck rear doors and more.

Deadlocks are security locks which help prevent car doors being opened from the inside. When activated, either by a key fob or automatically, this means your door cannot simply be opened from the inside. Deadlocks prevent criminals from smashing your car window and opening the door.

Godiva Supplies & Installs

high-quality slamlocks

Godiva Automotive Services also supplies and installs a range of high-quality mechanical and electronic slamlocks. Perfect for couriers, delivery drivers and those needing frequent access to a vehicle, these locks stop potential thieves from opening your vehicle doors. In case you forget to lock your vehicle when constantly exiting, slamlocks lock the door as soon as it is shut, meaning you can only gain access via a key or key fob.

Frequently utilised by commercial vehicles, shell locks grant ultimate protection against potential thieves. With a shell-like shape, these unique locks are high-security solutions which deflect hammer blows and are manufactured with an anti-pick lock.

Van Security Locks In Coventry

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