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Alarms, immobilisers and trackers are a great way to help you sleep at night. As an authorised dealer for ScorpionTrack, we can offer a wide range of solutions to help you relax. ScorpionTrack’s range of vehicle trackers allow fleet managers, owners and more to monitor the location of their vehicles with ultimate precision. Not only do these systems provide greater understanding of how vehicles are operated, they can offer up to 25% insurance discount because they are Thatcham approved.

Compatible with all major vehicle models, ScorpionTrack’s X-Series car immobiliser provides greater protection against theft. This innovative CAN-Bus immobiliser is undetectable and helps safeguard your vehicle against key theft and keyless entry.

Scorpion Track Pricelist & Benefits

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Scorpiontrack Fleet Vehicle Tracking in Coventry S7 S5 S5+
Subscription Prices
Monthly Subscription £11.50 £14.50
1 Year Subscription £129 £149
2 Years Subscription £215 £229
3 Years Subscription £299 £319
4 Years Subscription £349 £369
5 Years Subscription £389 £409
Lifetime Subscription (duration of vehicle ownership) £499 £599
Scorpiontrack Fleet Vehicle Tracking in Coventry S7 S5 S5+
24/7 Theft Monitoring
Global Coverage
Thatchcam Approved
Multi-Network Roaming SIM
Low Vehicle Battery Text
ScorpionTrack App Access
Tow Away & Tamper Alerts
Automatic Healthchecks
3 Year Warranty
Low Current Draw (<1ma)
Heavy Duty Waterproof
Remote Immobilisation
2x Driver Recognition Tags
Driver Tag Low Battery Alert
Transferable To New Vehicle

All units are Thatcham approved, meaning you could benefit from reduced insurance premiums for your vehicle

ScorpionTrack S7, S5 and S5+ trackers are monitored 24/7, all year round, by our dedicated monitoring team who will liaise with police with police in the event of theft.

Ultimate accuracy and reliability through GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite and GSM technology. Our trackers are also 4g capable, giving you unrivaled global coverage.

Customisable theft alerts such as early warnings based on ignition, GNSS, ADR tag & battery status - plus alerts if the vehicle is towed or moved using a transporter.

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